The REHEARSAL room Columbine is located on the first floor of Europahallen. The room is at your disposal for testing your presentation on a PC with similar setup to the ones in the oral session rooms.
If your presentation is in electronic form then please, bring it on a CD-ROM (preferable) or floppy disk.

Please bring a set of overheads containing your presentation in case there are inconsistencies between the system on which you originally designed your presentation and the PC system available in the session room.


1 You should be in the allocated oral session room at least 5 minutes in advance of the session, in order to introduce yourself to the chairperson

2 If you give a PC-based presentation or demonstration, please contact the technical assistant of the respective session room well in advance to load your file onto the local PC. The specifications of the PC and installed software are given below. If you do need to use your laptop, please refer to the specifications of the AV equipment given below. If you have special needs, contact the Local Organisation in the Internet Room as soon as possible

3 All oral presentations are assigned 20 minutes in total for their presentation. You have 15 minutes to present your paper. The remaining 5 are reserved for the introduction by the chairperson and questions/answers upon completion of your presentation

4 Please make sure that you do not exceed the above time limit. Your chairperson has been instructed to be very strict on timing and ensure that the session ends on time as we have to enable synchronisation across sessions.

5 If you have a demo included in your oral presentation, please be aware that this is part of the 20 minutes time-slot of your presentation.


Pentium/Celeron 600 MHz or more; Video resolution: 1024 X 768 - 24 bit colour; 16 bit Stereo Audio; Internet Web acces; Microsoft Windows2000; Microsoft Office 2000 (including PowerPoint 2000); Internet Explorer / Netscape Navigator and
Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please, avoid using special fonts etc.

In oral session rooms Video Projector resolution: 1024 x 768; Video Connector: Standard VGA 15 pin; Audio Connector. Please, check in advance how to switch the video output to the external
connector to your laptop.

The presentation should not depend on internet access, due to access problems that might be without reach of the Local Organisers.