Authors presenting posters will be provided with a poster stand of the following dimensions:
100 cm x 250 cm (vertically). The surface of the poster stand is white

Please make sure to prepare the posters to be readable from a distance of at least one metre.

In order to observe the schedule and show consideration to the other authors, please make sure that your poster is in place 30 minutes before the beginning of your presentation and also make sure to remove your poster immediately after your presentation.

When arriving at the conference, you will be provided with an outline indicating which poster stand you are assigned to use for your presentation.

Furthermore, there will be maps in the Foyer giving an overview of the poster locations.

If you would like to know more about how to prepare your poster or should you have some general questions regarding poster presentations, please contact:

Liljana Gavrilovska, Associate Research Professor
Center for PersonKommunikation
Aalborg University, Denmark


Tel.: +4596359820
Fax: +4598151583