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Broadband Access Techniques

Low Power Bandwidth Performance achieved by a Lone Pilot Assisted CDMA system using Complete Complementary Codes (3rd version of 52,58)
Noriyoshi Kuroyanagi*, Masakazu Takahashi** and Naoki Suehiro*** ; *Tokyo University of Technology; **Toyo Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. Japan; ***University of Tsukuba, Japan

Space-Time Turbo Detection in Frequency Selective MIMO Channels with Unknown Interference
Tetsushi Abe and Tadashi Matsumoto from NTT DoCoMo Inc., Japan

Performance Improvement of Low-Rate Signals in a Fixed Spreading Length Dual-Rate MC-CDMA System with Frequency-Selective Fading Channel
Yeheskel Bar-Ness, Pingping Zong and Kunjie Wang from Center for Comm. and Signal Processing Research, Dept. of ECE, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Linear Predictive Maximal Ratio Combining Transmitter Diversity for Broadband Wireless Communications Systems
Fumiaki Maehara and Fumio Takahata from Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Japan

Adaptive Coded OFDM System Employing Guard Interval Length Control
Yusuke Asai*, Yasuo Suzuki** and Masahiro Umehira* ; *NTT Network Innovation Laboratories, Japan; **NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories, NTT Corporation, Japan

Multimedia Satellite Communications, I

Compensating Method for Transponder Nonlinearity by using Neural Networks in Digital Satellite Broadcasting
Mitsugu Ohkawa*, Ryuji Kohno** and Hiromitsu Wakana* ; *Communications Research Laboratory, Japan; **Yokohama National University, Japan

Resource Allocation for Intra-satellite Handoff in LEO Satellite ATM Networks
Hoang Nam Nguyen* and Petia Todorova** ; *Institute of Communication Networks, Vienna University of Technology, Austria; **Research Institute for Open Communication Systems (GMD-Fokus), Germany

Neural Network-based Techniques For Channel Equalisation in Asynchronous MC-CDMA Variable-Bit-Rate Transmissions over LEO Satellite Networks
Gianluca Gera, Claudio Sacchi and Carlo Regazzoni from DIBE University of Genoa, Italy

A Statistical-Hypothesis-Testing-Based Coarse Synchronisation Method for Asynchronous DS/CDMA Systems in Satellite Networks Applications
Claudio Sacchi, Marco Guainazzo and Carlo Regazzoni from University of Genoa, DIBE, Italy


Reducing Digitising Errors in Navigational SWR Receiver Design
Ton A.J.R.M. Coenen from Electronic Navigation Systems Group,Faculty of Information Technology and Systems, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Network planning

An Efficient Technique to Generate Some Useful Subgraphs for Frequency Planning Problems of
Syed Zahid Ali from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London, UK

Next Generation Cellular

Space-time multiuser receivers for downlink multi cell cdma
Joachim Dahl and Morten Jeppesen from Center for PersonKommunication, Aalborg University, Denmark

Adaptive Channel Estimation for Space-Time Block Coding OFDM System
Kenji Okada, Sigit P.W Jarot and Masao Nakagawa from Department of Information and Computer Science, Keio University, Japan

An Architectural Description of Picture Caller Line Identification (PCLI) Service for Cellular Networks
Arda Aksu and Makonnen Melaku from Comverse

Location-Aided Handover
Sofoklis Kyriazakos, Pavlos Fournogerakis and George Karetsos from NTUA, Athens, Greece

Personal Area Network

B-PAN - a new network paradigm
Liljana Gavrilovska and Ramjee Prasad from Center for PersonKommunication, Aalborg University, Denmark

Security, I

Modified Algorithms for 3G Security
Vishwanath Sinha and Sree Lakshmi Gollapudi from Dept of Electrical Engineering, I.I.T. Kanpur, India

A Protocol for the Pay-per-Use Pricing System of Software through Partially Off-Line Network
Takashi Kitagawa and Yuichi Kaji from Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Wireless Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol Preserving User Anonymity
Jaegwan Park*, Jaeseung Go** and Kwangjo Kim* ; *Information and Communications Univ., Korea; **Hanaro Telecom Inc., Korea.

Wireless Broadband Multimedia Communications

Propagation Characteristics for Wireless 1394
Tomoyuki Udagawa*, Honggang Zhang*, Hisanori Tanada** and Masao Nakagawa** ; *Shinkawasaki Research Center, Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan; **Department of Information and Computer Science, Keio University, Japan

A Non-Data-Aided Cyclic-Autocorrelation-Based Algorithm for Signal Parameter Estimation
Mario Tanda and Antonio Napolitano from Universita` di Napoli Federico II, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettronica e delle Telecomunicazioni, via Claudio 21, 80125 Napoli, Italy

Timing Ambiguity Reduction Techniques for Parallel Blind Demodulators Employing Adaptive PSP-MLSE
Akihiro Okazaki, Hiroshi Kubo and Jun Taniguchi from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan

Performance of a Selective Parallel Interference Cancellation Receiver for MC-DS/CDMA Systems
Marco Michelini, Romano Fantacci and Stefano Benvenuti from Dipartimento di Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni - UniversitÓ di Firenze

Error Analysis of Antipodal Signaling with Rake Reception, MRC, and Imperfect Weight Estimation
Anita Kumari, Deepti Singh, Ranjan K. Mallik and Sudhanshu S. Jamuar from Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi, Dept. of Electrical Engg., Hauz Khas, India