Trips for accompanying persons

All-day trip to Skagen
Monday, Sept. 10 from 8.30-17.00

08.30:   Departure from Aalborg Kongres & Kulturcenter to Raabjerg Mile, south of Skagen.

We go for a 30 minute-walk in Raabjerg Mile, a migrating dune formed on the west coast in the 16th century during the great sand drift dominating the landscape until this century. Each year the dune moves eastward towards the forest at a rate of 15 metres a year.

10.15:  We move on to Skagen where we take the small beach train, the Sandormen, to see the point of the Grenen where the two seas Kattegat and Skagerak meet. If the weather permits it, we will walk back to the parking lot. From here we go on to the harbour.
12.00:  Lunch at Restaurant Pakhuset situated at the harbour of Skagen overlooking the marina.
13.30: Visit to the Skagens Museum from 1908 which houses paintings painted in Skagen from the period 1870-1930. Artists include e.g. P.S.Krøyer and Michael Ancher.

Visit to the charming town of Sæby where we will go to the Snedkergaarden, workshop of arts and crafts with unique ceramics and sculptures.

16.15:  Returning to Aalborg we pass the Dronninglund Storskov (large forest).
17.00: Arrival at Aalborg Kongres & Kulturcenter 
Price per person: DKK 775, - incl. entrance fees and lunch (not drinks).

City sightseeing in Aalborg  

Tuesday, Sept. 11 from 13.30-17.30

13.30:  Departure from Aalborg Kongres & Kulturcenter to the Lindholm Høje. With its 682 graves and 150 ship settings (graves), Lindholm Høje is a Germanic burial site and habitation centre dating back to the Iron Age and the Viking Age (4th-11th centuries)

From Lindholm Høje we make a short stop at the characteristic church of Gug built by Inger and Johannnes Exner in 1972. The church has a remarkably flexible interior offering room for clubs, theatre, art, exhibition etc. From Gug we return to Aalborg and where we will go see the new marina.

16.15:  City centre – we start off by visiting the Helligåndsklostret (monastery) – the oldest social institution in Denmark (1431).  After this we will go for a walk and shortly see the Budolfi Kirke (church dating back to 1400), city hall and the Jens Bangs Stenhus (1624).
17.30: We return to Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center.
Price per person: DKK 150, - incl. entrance fees.  



Trip to the district of Han Herred

Tuesday, Sept. 11 from 13.00-17.00  



Departure from Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center. We go by the Limfjordstunnelen through Aabybro and Hjortdal to the Fosdalen.  


We hike through the preserved area of Fosdalen – a hike of about 2 km through the magnificent and varied landscape that you won’t find anywhere else in this latitude. We hike all the way to the seaside from where there is a striking view of the dune plantation of Svinkløv.  

14.45:  We move on to Fjerritslev.

In Fjerritslev we visit the Han Herred Naturcenter – a fascinating museum that focuses on the remarkable nature dominating this particular area of North Jutland.

15.45: Visit to the Bryggeri- og Egnsmuseum in Fjerritslev. Dating back to 1897 the museum was originally a beer brewery. In fact it is said to be one of the best-preserved breweries in Northern Europe. Now it holds a collection related to regional history

Departure for Aalborg

17.00: Arrival at Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center  
Price per person: DKK 185, - incl. entrance fees.